SBS Eurovision

Karl-Shooting The Australian TV channel SBS hired our Karl the Campervan in 2012 and in 2013 in order to do roadtrips starting at the city of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) of the year before and ending at the current location just a few days before the ESC started. In 2012 this was from Dusseldorf (Germany) to Baku (Azerbaijan), in 2013 from Baku to Malmö (Sweden). While touring in the campervan, the film crew interviewed former participants and stakeholders of the ESC.

Here you can watch videos of some of the stations on the journey:

Interview with Julia on the brisbanetimes:
You’ve just completed the Road to Eurovision journey across Europe in a Campervan – was it your first trip in a campervan?
No I’ve done two before, when I was living in Sydney. One up to Queensland and one down to the Great Ocean Road, but that was in one of those newer ones that has everything in it. This was like a VW old German Combi campervan and the guy who did the driving with me – because obviously I wasn’t going to do the driving the whole way and kill a whole crew driving on the wrong side of the road – he fixes them and owns them, and he can fix tanks! We didn’t have a tank, but he could have. And he made plunger coffee. We miss him. Read the full interview here.