North America & South America


Danette and Jim potochick Wow. 87 days, 19 countries, and 7000 miles in Karl, our camper van. What a way to travel. We could not have been more pleased with the service provided by Rolf and Britta. For anyone who wants to see the main and back roads of Europe from as far south as Dubrovnik, Croatia, to as far north as Tallinn, Estonia, and as far east as Amsterdam, we would suggest a VW camper van for the adventure of your life time. From our perspective, which is that of a senior citizen, 68 years old, and his co-captain of 54 years old, we could not have had a better time. There is a bond between VW campers as every time we passed another VW they would wave or give us the peace sign or a thumbs up! Should any one have any questions regarding the adventure we had you can view our blog at A great big thanks to Rolf and Britta for their great customer service. They said what they were going to do ahead of time, answered all our questions before we arrived, handled a couple issues during the trip to our great satisfaction, and at the end of the trip helped arrange a camp ground location in Koblenz.
[Danette and Jim, from USA, on a 12-weeks tour-Europe]

Heather and Rene heather The pics show us picnicing in a vinyard, enjoying the countryside as we made our way through Germany and France. The van was very reliable, starting immediately for us each and every time. There was no issue with that! We used the GPS, atlas and campground book every day, appreciating these resources! And we enjoyed keeping our luggage and other items close at hand, without having to lug them out to a hotel every night. Campgrounds and their washrooms were always well kept and clean, so we enjoyed the camping experience with our camper. We also enjoyed having the fridge and stove to keep our food and prepare light meals at lunch or dinner, instead of eating out all the time. Thanks again, Rolf, for all your support!
[Heather and Rene, from Canada, on a 2-weeks tour-Europe]

Stacey and Matt duffield [Stacey, Matt & their 2 children, from Alaska, on a 4-weeks tour-Europe]


Sebastian, Rolf

Corinne and I would like to thank you for allowing Ludwig to share our adventure with us.

Ludwig was an excellent partner in our ten-week tour of Europe. We travelled through sixteen countries with nary a hitch, and loved every minute of it.

We also want to complement each of you for being responsive to our every question, helping out in a most timely manner on the few occasions we had to call during our adventure and just making the arrangements very easy to manage.

Once home one of the first questions we hear is 'What was your favourite place?'

To that we can only reply, 'We really loved them all, each in its own way.'

And when people refer to it as 'the trip of a lifetime' we reply, 'No, only the first trip of the rest of a lifetime.'

We look forward to returning to Europe and to dealing with you again.

[Corinne & Greg, from Canada, on a 9-weeks tour-Europe]

We just completed a wonderful month long trip through Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. This was two years in the planning and Rolf was very easy to work with, quick to respond and understanding when we had a conflict that caused our trip to be postponed. Sebastian was also great to work with and had answers and solution for everything we needed. Karl treated us well and we were already talking about our next trip before this one was over. Thank you.

[Sunny and Brett Morris, from USA, on a 4-weeks tour-Europe]