How would a typical process look like?

  1. You look at our web site and are interested in a camper
  2. You book online OR ask us for availability or any other question
  3. (After confirmation from us you do the pre-payment, if not already done online)
  4. We reserve your desired camper
  5. We pick you up at Siegburg/Bonn train station, 38 min direct train ride from Frankfurt airport (for free) or the airport (additional fees may apply)
  6. We explain to you in detail the funcionality of the camper
  7. We receive the rest of the payment and deposit (either in cash or by credit card)
  8. You start your tour
  9. After your tour you return the camper in good condition
  10. You get back the full deposit (We reserve the right to charge your credit card up to 6 months for toll road fees or speeding/parking tickets)

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