For the advantage for both parties and to avoid misunderstandings we have set up clear Terms & Conditions.

Please read carefully through them and feel free to ask us if you have any question.

1. In the event of a reservation, a rental contract is concluded between and the leaser(s) that is exclusively subject to German law and German jurisdiction, i.e. primarily to the provision of this contract and secondarily to the legal regulations regarding rental agreements. If there is more than one renter, they are jointly and severally liable.

2. Services included in the overall price are:

  • unlimited free mileage;
  • third party liability insurance
  • fully comprehensive insurance with a retension of 1000 €
  • vehicle tax;
  • roadside repair / breakdown coverage;
  • camping equipment, warning triangle, warning vest, first aid kit

Fuel and operating costs are to be borne by the leaser.

3. On the expiration date of the contract the camper has to be returned by the leaser to the domicile of the lessor unless otherwise agreed.

4. If the leaser fails to return the camper in time, a charge of 150 € / day is imposed on him.

5. In case of damage or accident or theft the deposit will be kept by the lessor as compensation. The leaser will be liable max. to the amount of the deposit for the camper if he has caused the accident. The third party insurance will cover the other damages (involved cars, environment, road). In case of accident or damage we require immediate notice including picture. In case of an accident we reserve the right to repair the camper during the current rental period without being liable for hotel or other costs to the leasor. If the camper cannot be used further due to its damage and we provide a replacement to the leasor he has to pay a second deposit of 1000 €. An additional deposit is due after each accident, if several accidents have occured.

6. The deposit will be given back in full to the leaser if the van is returned in good and cleaned condition. Failing this, the lessor has the right to subtract the costs of repair from the deposit. If the vehicle is returned in uncleaned condition, a minimum fee of 200 € will be charged.

7. The lessor has reserved the right to rent out a similar or better vehicle to the leaser to the same conditions in case of unavailability of the original camper due to accident, theft or mechanical problem. If this is not possible the lessor has to reimburse the leaser the payment in advance, but no other costs (e.g. transport, hotel).

8. If the leaser withdraws from the contract prior to the agreed start of the rental period, he will have to pay the following cancellation fees: the pre-payment of 400 €. 

If the vehicle is not picked up in time, this is considered as a withdrawal from the contract with the same consequence as stated above.

9. The leaser is responsible that only the drivers indicated in the rental contract are driving and that every driver possesses a valid national driver’s licence. Every driver has to be at least 23 years old.

10. The leaser agrees to the strict NO pets, NO smoking and NO candles policy. Evidence of smoking, candles or pets in the vehicle is subject to a minimum 200 € cleaning fee.
11. At every gas station stop the leaser will check tire pressure, oil and water levels.

12. The leaser is not allowed to use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.

13. Trips to Africa, any war and unstable zones (e.g. Kosovo) are forbidden. Trips to the whole geographical Europe are allowed.

14. The leaser is alone responsible for any offence or punishable act including speed tickets and parking tickets. The fee will be subtracted from the deposit. At drop-off, 200 € of the deposit will be kept for potential speed / parking tickets and in case of non-event paid back 5 weeks later.

15. In any accident the leaser must call us and the insurance company. If persons were injured and / or estimated damage exceeds 500 €, the leaser also must call police to have them establish the fault of the driver and/or other parties involved.

16. Any excess liability on the part of the lessor is excluded, especially compensation for lost vacation time, other immaterial damage and consequential damages resulting from deficiencies. The owner´s liability is limited to premeditation. Damages which the renter incurs through negligence or inappropriate operation are excluded from any liability.

17. Amendments and supplements to this contract must be made in writing and this also applies to a change to the written form requirement. Should some of the provisions of this contract not be entirely valid, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. Any invalid provision is to be negotiated between the contracting parties so as to make sense.