Can I park my own car at your facilities while renting?

Yes, you can park your car at our garage for the duration of your rental period.

Where do we meet you?

That depends upon where you arrive. Most of our customers fly into Frankfurt International airport. We can pick you up straight from the airport for a fee of 200 EUR.

The easiest and cheapest way would be for you to take a direct train from the airport to Siegburg/Bonn. It is a ride of 38 min and costs from 25 EUR if you book in advance. We are happy to assist you with train booking. At Siegburg/Bonn train station we will pick you up for free.

Do I need an international drivers license?

No, your national drivers license will be sufficient.

Can I use my own phone in Europe?

If you want to use your own phone please make sure with your provider that your plan works in Europe.

Starting spring 2014 our campers come with a free cell phone to contact us in case of emergency. Your calls to us will not be charged. Of course you can use the phone to make private calls and the used amount will be subtracted from the prepaid card at the end of your tour. Outgoing calls within the EU are 28 Ct or less, incoming 8 Ct or less.

Do you know in which countries free camping is allowed/prohibited?

Europe has more than 40 countries and each of them has its own regulations. We try to keep the information as updated as possible, so please ask us for the newest list.

Can I return the campers in the UK?

Generally we are interested in keeping our campers for a longer period of time. However we know that a lot of you live in the UK or leave Europe from London. Therefore, in some cases we offer you to either keep (purchase) the campers or return them to our partner in the UK.

Please ask us in an individual case for the conditions.

Do you offer pick-up from the airport?

Yes, we do. For an extra fee we pick you up (or drop you off) at the airports Frankfurt International (200 €), Frankfurt Hahn (200 €) or Cologne-Bonn (free). There are though direct train connections from Frankfurt Airport to Siegburg/Bonn (38 min) from 25 EUR. At Siegburg/Bonn train station we will pick you up for free. We could drive to our garage, where you could select additional accessories or even take a shower after your flight.