How much does Diesel cost in Europe?

In Germany one liter is about 1,36 € (Oct 2011). For an updated list of most European countries check here. 1 US gallon = 3,8 liters.

Do you expect tips?

Of course Sebastian, our mechanic, who will hand over the camper to you, would not reject tips. Being part of the service industry our highest goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you feel you were treated respectfully, friendly and individually, please feel free to tip Sebastian. Our recommendation is 5 EUR / rental week, which is just around 1% of your rental price. Even more than tips we would appreciate you to share your opinion of on tripadvisor. We thank you for your candid comments.

Does the rental price include VAT / sales tax?

Yes, VAT /sales tax is included, so the price indicated is your final price.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?

In Germany, checks are not familiar, so we do not accept them. We do accept credit cards. You can pay either by credit card, by Paypal (even at handover) or bring the money in cash when you pick up the camper (what we actually prefer). If you wish to pay by Paypal, there is a transaction fee of 4%, but you will probably save more than that on conversion fees.

Why do you need payment in advance?

As you may not be the only person interested in a particular camper we need this small payment in advance to give you the security to get your desired camper at the desired date. As we had people not showing up in the past (yes it happens) we are forced to take a payment in advance. This guarantees you our low prices.

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees for the basic rental. The stated price includes everything (rent, equipment, tax, insurance, free km, breakdown coverage). Ony if you want to be picked up at the airport we charge an extra fee of 100 €.

The campers are rented out in clean condition and should be also returned clean. Otherwise a cleaning fee of at least 100 € will be charged.

What happens with my deposit?

Your deposit will be kept by us and given back to you when you return the camper in good and cleaned condition. Only if the camper should have some deficiencies / damages, if you had a self-caused accident or it was stolen, the deposit or part of it will be kept as a compensation. We also keep 200 € for potential speed / parking tickets and will give it back to you after 5 weeks.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

As you know we offer budget campers. The deal basically works like a sale and buy-back plus you get the camper insured and taxed. Like when you have bought a car, you are responsible for maintenance and potential repairs.

Our campers do have third-party and fully comprehensive insurance with retension of 1000 €.

Thus, is case of a self-caused accident or theft we keep your deposit. But in any case you are liable max. up to the amount of the deposit. In other words, we need the deposit as a kind of security.

Why is Tour-Europe empowered to charge my credit card up to 6 months after termination of the rental?

Processing speeding and parking tickets and toll road fees may take several months. Therefore we would get the bill after you have returned the camper and we think it is just fair that you pay your toll road bill or speeding ticket bill by yourself. Before we charge your credit card we will email you a scan of the bill.