Do the campers have air condition and power steering?

Due to their age our traditional Westies do not have air condition or power steering. Get back to the basics and have fun!

What happens if accessories are damaged lost or stolen?

If accessories are damaged, lost or stolen, a replacement fee will be charged?

In case of the GPS system this fee is EUR 160.

In case of the 2 bikes this fee is EUR 200.

How are the campers equipped?

We know that a lot of you come from overseas and dont want to carry more than necessary. Therefore our campers are equipped with sink, fridge (no freezer), 2 flame stove, flip up table, privacy curtains, closet, cooking pots and pans, cleaning equipment, dishes, cutlery, 2 small pillows, towels, blanket, full propane tank and a full water storage tank. You also could rent bikes, bedding, chemical toilet, GPS, camping-table & chairs and more for just a small extra fee. The safety equipment consists of a warning triangle & vest, first aid kit and in some campers fire extinguisher. All our campers do have CD/radio.

Can we get an awning for the campers?

An awning can be mounted to most of our campervans. The price will be 2€/day and an additional security deposit of 500€. Why an additional deposit? Well, because in the past we had several incidents where the awning was ripped off and blown away by strong winds.

Is there a km limit?

No, usually there is no such thing as a km limit. If you like you can drive from the Arctic circle to Cicily with no extra costs.

For short-term rents less than 3 weeks we had to introduce a daily limit of 200 km. Every additional km will be charged with 20Ct/km.

What about pets, smoking or candles in the campervan?

We have a strict NO pets, NO smoking and NO candles policy. Evidence of smoking, candles or pets in the vehicle is subject to a minimum 200 € cleaning fee.

Do you have vans with automatic gearbox?

No. Due to their age they all come with manual shift. It is recommendable that you have some experience with manual shift, otherwise you could have problems changing gears. But we will give you a short training anyway, so that you learn how to drive the vans.

How much fuel do the campers need?

The fuel consumption is quite low when you consider the size of the campers:

-8-10 liters / 100 km or 23-30 miles / gallon, depending on the manner of driving.