How much does Diesel cost in Europe?

In Germany one liter is about 1,36 € (Oct 2011). For an updated list of most European countries check here. 1 US gallon = 3,8 liters.

Do you expect tips?

Of course Sebastian, our mechanic, who will hand over the camper to you, would not reject tips. Being part of the service industry our highest goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you feel you were treated respectfully, friendly and individually, please feel free to tip Sebastian. Our recommendation is 5 EUR / rental week, which is just around 1% of your rental price. Even more than tips we would appreciate you to share your opinion of Tour-Europe.de on tripadvisor. We thank you for your candid comments.

Does the rental price include VAT / sales tax?

Yes, VAT /sales tax is included, so the price indicated is your final price.

Do you accept checks or credit cards?

In Germany, checks are not familiar, so we do not accept them. We do accept credit cards. You can pay either by credit card, by Paypal (even at handover) or bring the money in cash when you pick up the camper (what we actually prefer). If you wish to pay by Paypal, there is a transaction fee of 4%, but you will probably save more than that on conversion fees.

Why do you need payment in advance?

As you may not be the only person interested in a particular camper we need this small payment in advance to give you the security to get your desired camper at the desired date. As we had people not showing up in the past (yes it happens) we are forced to take a payment in advance. This guarantees you our low prices.

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees for the basic rental. The stated price includes everything (rent, equipment, tax, insurance, free km, breakdown coverage). Ony if you want to be picked up at the airport we charge an extra fee of 100 €.

The campers are rented out in clean condition and should be also returned clean. Otherwise a cleaning fee of at least 100 € will be charged.

What happens with my deposit?

Your deposit will be kept by us and given back to you when you return the camper in good and cleaned condition. Only if the camper should have some deficiencies / damages, if you had a self-caused accident or it was stolen, the deposit or part of it will be kept as a compensation. We also keep 200 € for potential speed / parking tickets and will give it back to you after 5 weeks.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

As you know we offer budget campers. The deal basically works like a sale and buy-back plus you get the camper insured and taxed. Like when you have bought a car, you are responsible for maintenance and potential repairs.

Our campers do have third-party and fully comprehensive insurance with retension of 1000 €.

Thus, is case of a self-caused accident or theft we keep your deposit. But in any case you are liable max. up to the amount of the deposit. In other words, we need the deposit as a kind of security.

Why is Tour-Europe empowered to charge my credit card up to 6 months after termination of the rental?

Processing speeding and parking tickets and toll road fees may take several months. Therefore we would get the bill after you have returned the camper and we think it is just fair that you pay your toll road bill or speeding ticket bill by yourself. Before we charge your credit card we will email you a scan of the bill.

Does the insurance cover any country?

The third party insurance covers every European country. If you intend to go to any other countries, you need to get our confirmation.

What happens in the case of a self caused accident, theft or mechanical problem?

If you have caused an accident the third party insurance will pay for the others damage, the fully comprehensive insurance for the camper.

In case of theft you will be liable to the amount of the deposit.

Our campers do all have the German MOT and are checked regurlarly. If despite of that a problem should occur you can call the breakdown cover/roadside assistance. They will help you immediately if it is a minor problem or tow you to a garage. If the problem cannot be solved within a few days, we will reimburse you the rental price for the remaining days. The roadside assistance will then pay for your transport to Frankfurt. We cannot be held liable for additional costs.

How are the campers insured?

The campers have a third party insurance and a fully comprehensive insurance. In a case of a self caused accident the third party insurance will pay for the damage of the other car(s) and/or people and/or facilities. The fully comprehensive one will pay for the camper, minus the retension of 1000 €. Our campers come with a breakdown cover which helps you in case of a mechanical failure or other problem. Please call us in any case of accident, theft or breakdown and we will try to help you or give you advice!!!

Can I use my own insurance towards a discount with Tour-Europe?

Yes, that might be possible. In order to do so, your insurance must cover rental vehicles worldwide, third party as well as comprehensive/CDW. Many insurance companies, especially in the US do that.

We still have to insure our campers with a special German insurance, but we would reduce our risk of increasing insurances rates in case of a self caused accident. So how does it work:

You send us a copy of your insurance contract with the relevant paragraphs.

You will initially pay the regular rental price.

If you dont cause an accident we will reimburse you part of the rental price.

If you cause an accident and your insurance covers the whole damage we will also reimburse you part of the rental price.

If you cause an accident and your insurance does NOT cover the damage we will keep the regular rental price.

Is there a km limit?

No, usually there is no such thing as a km limit. If you like you can drive from the Arctic circle to Cicily with no extra costs.

For short-term rents less than 3 weeks we had to introduce a daily limit of 200 km. Every additional km will be charged with 20Ct/km.

What about pets, smoking or candles in the campervan?

We have a strict NO pets, NO smoking and NO candles policy. Evidence of smoking, candles or pets in the vehicle is subject to a minimum 200 € cleaning fee.

Do you have vans with automatic gearbox?

No. Due to their age they all come with manual shift. It is recommendable that you have some experience with manual shift, otherwise you could have problems changing gears. But we will give you a short training anyway, so that you learn how to drive the vans.

How much fuel do the campers need?

The fuel consumption is quite low when you consider the size of the campers:

-8-10 liters / 100 km or 23-30 miles / gallon, depending on the manner of driving.

Do the campers have air condition and power steering?

Due to their age our traditional Westies do not have air condition or power steering. Get back to the basics and have fun!

What happens if accessories are damaged lost or stolen?

If accessories are damaged, lost or stolen, a replacement fee will be charged?

In case of the GPS system this fee is EUR 160.

In case of the 2 bikes this fee is EUR 200.

How are the campers equipped?

We know that a lot of you come from overseas and dont want to carry more than necessary. Therefore our campers are equipped with sink, fridge (no freezer), 2 flame stove, flip up table, privacy curtains, closet, cooking pots and pans, cleaning equipment, dishes, cutlery, 2 small pillows, towels, blanket, full propane tank and a full water storage tank. You also could rent bikes, bedding, chemical toilet, GPS, camping-table & chairs and more for just a small extra fee. The safety equipment consists of a warning triangle & vest, first aid kit and in some campers fire extinguisher. All our campers do have CD/radio.

Can we get an awning for the campers?

An awning can be mounted to most of our campervans. The price will be 2€/day and an additional security deposit of 500€. Why an additional deposit? Well, because in the past we had several incidents where the awning was ripped off and blown away by strong winds.

Can I use my own phone in Europe?

If you want to use your own phone please make sure with your provider that your plan works in Europe.

Starting spring 2014 our campers come with a free cell phone to contact us in case of emergency. Your calls to us will not be charged. Of course you can use the phone to make private calls and the used amount will be subtracted from the prepaid card at the end of your tour. Outgoing calls within the EU are 28 Ct or less, incoming 8 Ct or less.

Do you know in which countries free camping is allowed/prohibited?

Europe has more than 40 countries and each of them has its own regulations. We try to keep the information as updated as possible, so please ask us for the newest list.

Can I return the campers in the UK?

Generally we are interested in keeping our campers for a longer period of time. However we know that a lot of you live in the UK or leave Europe from London. Therefore, in some cases we offer you to either keep (purchase) the campers or return them to our partner in the UK.

Please ask us in an individual case for the conditions.

Do you offer pick-up from the airport?

Yes, we do. For an extra fee we pick you up (or drop you off) at the airports Frankfurt International (200 €), Frankfurt Hahn (200 €) or Cologne-Bonn (free). There are though direct train connections from Frankfurt Airport to Siegburg/Bonn (38 min) from 25 EUR. At Siegburg/Bonn train station we will pick you up for free. We could drive to our garage, where you could select additional accessories or even take a shower after your flight.

Can I park my own car at your facilities while renting?

Yes, you can park your car at our garage for the duration of your rental period.

Where do we meet you?

That depends upon where you arrive. Most of our customers fly into Frankfurt International airport. We can pick you up straight from the airport for a fee of 200 EUR.

The easiest and cheapest way would be for you to take a direct train from the airport to Siegburg/Bonn. It is a ride of 38 min and costs from 25 EUR if you book in advance. We are happy to assist you with train booking. At Siegburg/Bonn train station we will pick you up for free.

Do I need an international drivers license?

No, your national drivers license will be sufficient.