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News Updates

Sharp Drop of the EUR


Take advantage of the currency exchange rate! The EUR has lost  25% against the US$ since spring. As our prices kept costant in EUR this means for you: for a trip of 1,000 EUR in spring you had to pay around US$ 1,380 – now you get it for around US$ 1,060 (17 MAR 2015). Savings: more than US$300. The depreciation of the EUR is also true for CA$, AU$, NZ$ and other currencies.

Book now and take advantage of this fact!

Online Booking Form


Online Availability and Booking Calendar. In order to make it even easier for our customers we have introduced a new feature: an online availability and booking calendar. You can check online in real time if your favorite camper is available and if positive – immediately book it with all the accessories you like. As you change your dates or options the price will be updated online. The calendar is located at the bottom of each camper page.

Updated Website

hompage thumbnail for news section has launched an updated website. This new version offers you additional features such as the price calculator where you can get an online quote within a few seconds. Besides adding new features the goal of the new launch has been to make the site more readable, easier to navigate and improve the look&feel.

Your phone does not work in Europe?

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Your phone does not work in Europe? No problem, take ours. Our campers come with their own cell phone and a prepaid SIM card. You will not be charged for calls to us, f.ex. when you would like to discuss the extension of your rental or in case of an accident or other emergency. Private calls will be charged from the prepaid card with a rate of about 10 Ct/min within the European Union. Other rates upon request. If you intend to bring your own phone with you, please contact your provider and make sure he supports calls / data transfer in Europe. Providers can activate international usage but you have to ask them.