gps 2 € /day The GPS Navigation System includes maps of 41 countries, 210.000 city maps, car clamp, car battery charger leads, English voice
power inverter 15 € The Power Inverter converts power from 12 Volts to 110 V, so that phone chargers, camera chargers or laptops etc can be used with the camper power supply. It works also for 220 V countries as chargers or laptops usually can be used between 110-240 V, check your power supply.
usb surf stick 1 € / day The USB Surf Stick includes a flatrate (60 MB/week) for all countries of the EU. After the first week you can renew the flatrate. If you exceed the data volume, there will be extra charges of 0.50 €/MB. The SIM card is also usable for phone calls (0.41 €/min outgoing calls to EU countries, 0.13 €/min incoming calls) and SMS (outgoing 0.13 €, incoming free).
solar shower .5 € /day Solar Shower for warming your shower water by the sun! Just hang it f.ex. on a tree, open the valve and have a hot shower in the cool evening. Content: 20 liter
chemical toilet 30 € Chemical Toilet with 15 l fresh water, 12 l waste water tank, chemicals. Toilets have to be cleaned before returning them. If we need to clean them, we will charge you 40 €.
bicycle 4 € /day Take 2 Bikes to discover downtown and leave the camper outside of the city. The bikes are city-bikes (1 female with 7 gears / 1 male with 21 gears). Lock is included but please bring your own helmets if wanted!
food basket 20 € Arrive & Drive food basket. Don't start your tour with the search of a grocery store! We provide a starter food package incl. bread, butter, cheese, ham, milk, coffee, orange juice, fruits.
bedding 30 € Bedding Set Queen Set: 1 bed sheet, 2 pillows, 1 comforter OR Single Set: 1 bed sheet, 2 pillows, 2 small comforters
camping chairs free Camping Chairs include 2 foldable chairs
camping table free The Camping Table includes one foldable table
tent 30 € The Tent sleeps 2-3 people, around 2×2 m