The Idea

In the beginning of this millenium an English friend used to live in Germany and we had a lot of fun together. As he also is a nomadic traveller who owned a Westie we discovered the advantages of these campers. We did a lot of short trips to the neighbouring countries, mainly Italy and met a lot of young people from overseas, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA or Canada. After high school, uni or several months working in the UK they did a several-months-lasting tourEurope. Often they complained about high prices for campers, the total lack of used, more basic campers or the difficulties with the authorities when trying to register one.

As time went by my friend and I started to develop this idea of offering campers in the low-price segment. We started with exporting vans to the UK in 2000. That was a big success but often people got their camper in the UK and travelled straight to the mainland. How stupid, we take vans from Germany to the UK, our customers return from UK straight to Germany! A double waste of time and money for the channel/ferry and highway fees in France. The difficulty with a German deal is the fact that it is impossible to register a car without a German address and residence permit. So, the only way it works is renting. Which has the advantage for you that you don't need to hassle with registration, insurance, tax and selling it after your holidays.